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Hair Extension Colours

The Colour Guide

Getting the right colour is so important. If the colour contrast is too much it will not look good and it will be obvious that your wearing extensions. 

Generally colours are allocated a number as below:

Hair Extension Colours

As you can see the numbers go from #1 to #25 with number 1 being the darkest and #25 being the lightest. The most common colours are between #4 - #8 however your natural hair should fit into or between one of these colours. If there is a choice between a lighter and a darker colour always go for the slightly darker colour.

In addition to the main colours you also have 'streaks' which are shown below:

Hair Extensions Streaks

Streaks do not have specific numbers however the retailer will often give them names like 'Electric Blue' or 'Violet Purple'. As the name would suggest streaks are not for your entire head they are just for a one off flash of colour to make life exciting! They are especially good for parties and celebrations.